3D Tour: 15 Eliza Close, Williamstown North, Vic, 3016

Here we have a perfect showcase of our 3D Virtual Tour technology being used on this rather large 5 bedroom, double story gem for Coopers Real Estate.

Due to it's unique room shape and layout it's a perfect candidate for the automatic guided tour option, using the guided tour ensures no viewer misses any of the homes key selling features or various rooms.

Below we also have some unedited photos directly from the tour along with a couple of snapshots of the generated floor plan that's built into every tour. The Social Media - Pano Teaser was also taken from the 3D Tour directly and can be placed on Facebook as a 360 image to help draw attention to this property in the news feed.

If you have a project in mind and think our Matterport 3D Virtual Tour technology can help, contact us HERE to let us know.

Cooper Real Estate | Link To Online Listing.

3D Virtual Tour

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Tour Images

The images below are taken directly from the 3D Virtual Tour, they also include an image of the interactive floor plan.

Social Media - Pano Teaser

The below image is a full 360 degree photo, that can be added to facebook with the property link in the description.

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